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North Carolina classic car insurance coverage

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Classic Car Insurance in North Carolina

Many classic cars are viewed as collectibles; they are top of the league when it comes to the world of cars. With their fascinating and spectacular characteristics, classic cars continue to stand out however old they are.

Classic cars are uncommon, and getting the right insurance for them is likely to be difficult. An older car can be difficult to find parts for and most classic car owners are particularly picky with what goes into their vehicle. Not all auto policies consider the increase in value of your vehicle for being over a certain age as well. You will need to talk with an agent while looking into classic car insurance to make sure the full value of your car is covered.

Finding a suitable insurance policy in North Carolina or South Carolina for your classic car will take a lot of research if you're to find the most reliable classic and antique car insurance available for your needs. You may come across several insurance companies in Cary, NC that will offer you coverage for your vintage car. It is, therefore, best to get the policy from a credible company in North Carolina that specializes in vintage car insurance.

Fairway Insurance in Cary, NC will value the car in a more professional and efficient manner. This is known as the agreed value of the car. Should a theft occur, we assure our clients of getting this sum from us. There are several factors that we will put into consideration when applying for classic car insurance.

Some of them will include:

  • The way the car is maintained. Vintage cars are supposed to be well and safely kept in a garage or car port and not parked on the road.
  • The make and age of the car
  • Type of insurance being applied by the owner
  • Repair and spare parts cost
  • Mileage of the car
  • Driving history of owner

Fairway Insurance understands that South and North Carolina vintage cars are a prized possession to their owners. Give us a call or visit us today for a comprehensive vintage car insurance that your car so rightly deserves. Our agents can work with you to determine the right amount of coverage for your needs.

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