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North Carolina life insurance coverage

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Life Insurance in North Carolina

When an individual dies, the bereaved members face a lot of unexpected expenses. Moreover, the deceased might be the bread winner, and the loss of that person becomes financially devastating. Many bills await them like the mortgage, car payment, kid's education, and medical bills. To avoid such incidences where your family has to be left struggling after you are gone, it is wise to provide them with a long term financial plan. Life insurance is the solution for you.

At Fairway Insurance we offer all the residents of Cary, NC and the surrounding areas with the best life insurance coverage that matches the requirements of the state of North Carolina and South Carolina. We offer several options, and you have a choice to select the one that fits your needs. The options include;

Term life insurance

This is the simplest kind of life insurance in South or North Carolina. This policy protects the insured for a specified period or until an agreed age. At the end of the period, the policy expires, and the insured can decide to either terminate it or continue with the policy. Term life insurance has three major properties which include;

  • Level - This is where the death benefits and premiums stay constant throughout the policy term
  • Increasing - The benefits increases according to the amount and intervals as agreed in the policy. The premiums also increase along with the benefits.
  • Decreasing - The policy benefits decrease with intervals as stated in the policy. The premiums, however, remain constant through the policy term.

Whole life insurance

This life insurance policy does not have an expiry as it is designed to protect the insured for the entire lifetime. It is available in different forms which include;

  • Traditional - It is the most basic life insurance, and it covers the insured for as long as the premiums are paid. The premiums remain constant throughout the coverage.
  • Universal life insurance - It is also known as flexible since the premiums payment may vary within a certain limitation as indicated on the policy.
  • Variable life insurance - In this case, the insured is allowed to choose and decide how to invest the accumulated value.

Life insurance should be treated as a necessity and individuals should not ignore it. If you are in Cary, NC, come to Fairway Insurance and let us help you start a comprehensive and valuable life insurance to keep your family protected. Reach out to our agents to learn more.

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