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North Carolina Autoowners with auto insurance coverage

Auto Insurance in North Carolina

Universally, automobile insurance is used to protect car owners from expenses emanating from car accidents. The legislature in South and North Carolina requires one to have insurance that will cover the cost of injuries and car damages in case of an accident.

Liability Insurance

All drivers are required to have liability insurance, which can be separated into bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and supplementary payments. As the name suggests, bodily injury liability includes coverage for injuries caused by the car's designated driver such as hospital bills and funeral costs. Property damage liability pays for damage to other people's property. This includes the Actual Cash Value and other legal expenses. The supplementary payments involve bail bonds, costs taxed against an insured party, premium on appeal bonds, expenses for emergency first aid to others at an accident, and loss of earnings because of attendance at hearing or trails. You will need to talk with an agent to make sure your policy covers all of these events.

Comprehensive Insurance

Fairway Insurance in Cary, NC offers coverage for automobiles that might suffer any physical damage by collision with a vehicle or any other object. Other than the collisions, the policy also covers if a car is damaged by any of the following: fires, theft or larceny, missiles or other falling bodies, explosions and earthquakes, windstorms, floods, vandalism, riots, contact with animals and birds, and breakage of glass. North Carolina does not necessarily require one to have the collision and comprehensive coverage. However, the financial company one is involved with will require you to have the insurance policies when you are leasing your car or paying off a loan.

Medical Coverage

Medical payment coverage takes care of any medical and funeral expenses due to an automobile accident. It covers the car owner, their family, and any pedestrian or private passenger involved while using the car. The policy pays for any cost up to the limit stated in the policy. The only acceptable forms in Cary, NC that act as proof of insurance are an insurance card, an insurance binder, an NC, and a DL-123 given to you by your insurance agent showing that you hold an insurance policy.

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